What is Sorghum?

Sorghum is an ancient, gluten-free grain popular in Africa, Central America, and South Asia for centuries. When popped, the grain takes on a quality similar to a miniature popcorn. As a healthier alternative to popcorn, popped sorghum brings the same delicious taste with notable health benefits and no annoying kernels in every bite.



Although a grain, sorghum is naturally gluten-free and densely nutritious, making it a great snack for those with dietary restrictions!


Sorghum grain is much smaller, popping essentially hull-free. So no need to worry about it getting stuck in your teeth- just sit back and enjoy a delicious handful!


Unlike other grains, sorghum actually doesn’t have an inedible hull, allowing even its outer layers to be commonly eaten. This means it supplies even more fiber in addition to many other crucial nutrients and has a lower glycemic index, which helps curb blood sugar spikes and lower the risk of diabetes.


Fuel your body with a high-energy grain! Sorghum is protein-rich, packed with complex carbohydrates, and filled with B‑complex vitamins to help you feel fuller longer and power you through your day.


Support a snack that’s good for you and good for the planet. Sorghum’s small water footprint makes Poplettes both a tasty and environmentally friendly snack.